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Full text of "The Nineteenth Century Club"





833 01 

653 1664 

(be 977.202 F77NIN .1.902-04 
Nineteenth Century Club 

(Fort Wavne, Ind, ) 
The Nineteenth Century Ci-ub 

^«" (ounry PuWk ubrory 

'I'flyne, /ndiono 

'^Mll 1944. 


Jyineteenth (^entury Cfiub 




WAYNE & ALLEN cq. ^«^y- 



President Anna Harding 

Vice-President .... Adah Pickard 

Secretary and Treasurer . . Katherine Chapin 

Program Committee 

Katherine Chapin Edith Keegan 

Fanny Harcman 


Social Afternoon 

September 30 

Edith Keegan Adah Pickard 

Katherine Chapin 

Clara Bowerfind Grace harding 

Old England — Condition of People 
October 7 Edith Keegan 

Feudal England 1013-1071 
October 21 .... Bessie McCracken 

English Revival 1071-1127 

First Crusade — Thomas a Becket 
November 4 . . . . Clara Bowerfind 

Magna Charta 1204-1265 

Literature — Universities — Friars 
November 18 ... . Katherine Chapin 

Conquest of Wales 

Welsh Literature — English Parliament 
December 2 Anna Harding 

Conquest of Scotland 

English Town — Trade Gild 
December 16 .... Grace Harding 

Social Afternoon 

January 6 

Alida Dalman LaVon Sperrt 
Lillian Ash Clara Guild Mary Lincoln 

Edward III — Peasant Revolt 
January 20 . . . . . . Clara Guild 

^■^ichard II — Chancer John Wycliff 
FSJihiary 3 . . . . . Adah Pickard 

War of the Roses 1450-1471 
F^i^ary 17 Abigail Keegan 

The New Monarchy 1471-1509 

March 3 Mary Lincoln 

The New Learning 1509-1520 

March 17 LaVon Sperry 

Thomas Moore — Cardinal Wolsey 

— Thomas Cromwell 

March 31 Lillian Ash 

The Reformation and Its Effects 
April 7 Ladie Sturgis 

Elizabeth — Mary Queen of Scots 
April 21 Alida Dalman 

Prose Literature of the Elizabethan Period 

Raleigh — Hooker — Bacon 
May 5 Fanny Hartman 

The Drama — Shakespeare 

Dramatists of the Time 
May 19 •. . . . . Elizabeth Chapin 

Social Afternoon 
May 26 .... ' 

Bessie McCracken Abigail Keegan 

Elizabeth Chapin 

Anna Harding Ladie Sturgis Fanny Hartman 


Lillian Ash, East Main St. 
Elizabeth Chapin, Douglas Avenue. 
Katherine Chapin, Douglas Avenue. 
Claba H. GtDild, West Berry St. 
Anna M. Harding, West DeWald. 
Grace Harding, West Washington St. 
Fanny T. Hartman, Maple Avenue. 
Alida S. Dalman, Creighton Avenue. 
Abigail C. Keegan, West Washington. 
Bessie McCracken, Maple Avenue. 
Adah G. Pickard, East Washington. 
Clara P. Bowerfind, West Wayne. 
Sarah L. Sturgis, Wallace St. 
LaVon Sperry, Hoagland Avenue. 
Edith Y. Keegan, West Wayne. 
Mary Lincoln, Butler St. 

Honorary Members 

Mrs. Charles Haas, Wabash, Ind. 
Mrs. Stephen Jessup, Detroit, Mich. 
Mrs. Ivers Leonard, Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Mrs. James Leonard, New York. 
Miss Elizabeth Lincoln, Fort Wayne. 
Mrs. Carl Siemon, Springfield, Mass. 
Mrs. Frank Sessions, Columbus, Ohio. 
Mrs. John Crowe, Chicago, III. 

1 9 D 3 - 19 4 




President ..... Abigail Keegan 
Vice-President .... Adah Pickard 
Secretary and Treasurer . . Katherine Chapin 

Program ^ammitttt 

Grace Hulse Clara Bowerpind 

Floy Pickard 


Social Afternoon 

September 29 

Bessie McCracken Alida Dalman 

Anna Harding 

La Von Sperry Sarah Sturgis 

James I— Charles I 
October 13 Adah Pickard 

Oliver CromWell 
October 27 Sarah Sturgis 

Puritan Literature 

Milton — "Bunyan 

NovEMiiER 10 . . . . Elizabeth Chapin 

Ghe Restored Stuarts 
^he Orange Stuarts — Anne 

November 24 .... Carolyn Ladd 

'Dryden — Pope — Steele ■— Addison 

December 8 . . . . Abkjail Keegan 

Social Afternoon 
December 22 . . . .... 

Adah Pickard Carolyn Ladd 

Katherine Chapin 

Edith Keegan Grace Hulse 

Clara Bowerfind 

History 1714-1782 

January 5 Alida Dalman 

Literature 1750=1800 

January 19 .... Clara Bowerfind 

^he Church of England 

February 2 . . . . » Anna Harding 

Scotch Literature 
Scott — Burns 

February 16 . . . . . Floy Pickard 

History 1783=1837 
March 1 Lillian Ash 


March 15 . . . . Bessie McCracken 


March 22 ........ . 

Queen Victoria 
March 29 .... Katherine Chapin 

Foreign Possessions 

April 12 ..... . Edith Keegan 

April 26 Clara Guild 

Westminster Abbey — St. Paul's Cathedral 
May 10 Grace Hulse 

May 24 .La Von Sperry 

Social Afternoon 

June 7 

Lillian Ash Clara Guild 

Abigail Keegan 

Elizabeth Chapin Floy Pickard 


Lillian Ash, East Main Street 
Clara P. Bowerfind, West Wayne Street 
Elizabeth Chapin, Douglas Avenue 
Katherine Chapin, Douglas Avenue 
Alida S. Dalman, West Creighton Avenue 
Clara H. (Juild, West Berry Street 
Anna M. Harding, South Webster Street 
Grace H. Hulse, East Taber Street 
Abigail Keegan, Washington Boulevard 
Edith Y. Keegan, West Wayne Street 
Carolyn N. Ladd. West Berry Street 
Bessie McCracken, Maple Avenue 
Adah (r. I'ickard, East Washington Street 
Floy K. Pickard West Wayne Street 
La Von Sperry. Hoagland Avenue 
Sarah Sturgis. Wallace Street 

l^nttarartf ilMpmbpra 

Blanche L. Crowe, Chicago, III. 
Lillian P. Haas, Wabash, Ind. 
Fanny Hartman, Fort Crook, Neb. 
(iRACE W. Jessup, Detroit, Mich. 
Josephine H. Leonard, Fort Crook, Neb. 
Maude M. Leonard, New York, N. Y. 
Elizabeth Lincoln, Schenectady, N. Y. 
Mary Lincoln, Schenectady, N. Y. 
Jennie C. Sessions, Columbus, Ohio 
Kate L. Siemon, Bridgeport, Conn.